Detailed Home Workout Guide with no Equipment

This new reality has opened our eyes to the immense benefits of at-home workout routines. Among many other benefits, at-home workout routines help you to give more attention to your entire body from your own comfort zone.

More profitable results have been recorded practicing the at-home exercise routine. An added advantage is that you have everything you need at your beck and call, and you don’t have to worry about others around you – as you would ordinarily do at the gym.

However, we’ve noted that people face the challenge of defining the perfect or best at-home workouts. Also challenging is the task of allotting space and time for these routine. People are prone to procrastinate unless they are not nudged by any schedule.

This article provides a guide. It is titled “at-home workout guide with no equipment” because it provides a guide to help you know the best at-home workouts for for you irrespective of your age or gender.

We will also lead you by the hand to teach you how to achieve your fitness goals and plan out your workout routine. This guide also covers every workout class and goal you could ever imagine.

This at-home workout guide with no equipment is tailored to help the young and the old, men and women and also pregnant and nursing mothers.

Brace yourself as we teach you how to lose weight, gain weight, set your metabolism working, build muscle mass or achieve whatever fitness dream you’ve coveted right in the comfort of your home or comfort zone.

How Do I Start  Workout At Home?

The very one question people ask me is – How do I start workout at home? Most people fall into the temptation of starting out right with random workouts without taking their time to select the best at-home workout that suits their fitness goal. Taking your time to determine certain things would help you best achieve your target.

The first and basic questions you would want to consider are –

1. What are your fitness goals?

– knowing your fitness goals will certainly help you define the workout routine that best suit your needs. For instance, if you want to build muscle mass, it would be wrong for you to adopt exercises  losing neck fat, and vice versa.

2. Do you have a home space where you can train?

– people often make the mistake of making plans for their home gym without setting out the space for the gym. If you have a large sitting room, a garage or any outer space, you may not encounter a lot of challenge here. If you do not have a training space, you should make arrangement for one.

3. Have you decided on the choice of workout equipment?

– knowing the workout equipment to use depends on your fitness goal. Therefore, you have to decide on your fitness goal to enable you make preparations for the right gears and equipment you need for your at-home workout. However, if you are on a budget, you should not allow yourself to be discouraged by the big noise and buzz about equipment. There are a lot of ways you can train without equipment.

When you’ve provided the right answers to the above questions, then you are set to start the at-home workouts session.

At-Home Workouts for Beginners

It is often overwhelming when you are a beginner. You are sometimes at a loss where to start. Starting out depends largely on your fitness goal. However, we have seen that the best way to start is to starting out small. Begin with full-body and body weight exercises that allow your body brace up for a proper routine exercise. Do not start with lifting heavy weights.

Vital Tip

We advise you to also try out our Agile 8 and mobility routines. These warm up sessions can help you get your body ready for proper exercise, and will also help you identify the areas you need to give proper attention.

Categories of At-Home Workouts

There is no universally accepted categorization of at-home workouts. Therefore, the categorization here is just for convenience. This categorization will help you root-in for the best at-home workout that suits your fitness goal.

Below are the types of at-home workouts:

At-Home Workout for Losing Weight

There are many reasons to start an exercise plan at home, but one of the commonest reasons is to lose weight. The ability to work out in the privacy of your own home can be especially nice when you’re feeling less-confident about your body image and don’t want to go to a gym.

When it comes to weight-loss workouts at home, you’ve got plenty of options, and we’ve collected the best of those options into an easy-to-follow guide.

At-Home Workouts for Women

Since there is a huge difference between male’s and female’s fitness goal, there is a need to highlight the workouts which are tailored to help each gender achieve their fitness aim. This is not in any way discriminatory. Men can still try them out, but they are tailored to help women combat their fitness challenges.

At-Home Workouts for Men

We have emphasized that fitness is not discriminatory of gender. However, because men and women have distinct fitness goals, there are certain types of workout that help each gender best achieve their fitness or body goal. This does not preclude a lady or female to try them out.

So, if you are a guy looking for exercises to help you build muscle mass, get shredded, get better body shape or even enjoy sex to the utmost, we’ve got you covered.

At-Home Workouts for The Elderly

The elderly also need to exercise regularly in line with their fitness goal and the instructions from health care professionals. If you are proceeding towards the golden years of retirement or you are already there, maintaining a proper fitness is important to enable you stay in turn with your usual lifestyle.

Allowing your body to succumb to ageing will only weaken your body cells and retire you also from all those activities you enjoy.

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